But what do they have to say about our platform and the cooperation with Systime Solutions?

The publishing house NÁM from the Faroe Islands have used SinglePub and BookCreator since 2012 and has so far produced more than ten internetBooks and three paper books.

Read what NÁM's editor Sigfrídur Sólsker says about Systime Solutions:


What is it like to work with Systime Solutions' platform at NÁM?

  • We are currently five editors working in the platform. Additionally we have a few writers working directly in the Typo3 back end.The platform is easy to work with because the TYPO3 setup is very simple. It is reliable and if anything is not working, Systime Solutions responds quickly and fixes it.

What do your users say?

  • Unfortunately, we do not get that much response from our users and we have not been very good at doing outreach work in this area.However, the feedback we do receive is usually positive. There are always people who only want paper books, but we have decided that internetBooks is our primary product for the upper secondary level. Teachers appreciate the book on demand production form. In this way writers who write directly in the database can publish their material as internetBooks and paperbooks. 

How does the collaboration between NÁM and Systime Solutions work?

  • In 2012/2013 we started the cooperation with Systime A/S. We are very pleased with it and we believe it is mutual. Now we primarily work with Systime Solutions regarding the production platform and their service is both positive and quick.

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