Systime, Denmark

Founded in 1980 Systime has produced multimedia based, educational material for the upper secondary since 1984. By now Systime is the most advanced publishing house with regard to digital, educational material in Denmark. The digital platform, internetBook (iBog®), has become the leading, digital platform within youth education.

F I L O, Denmark

F I L O is an imprint of Systime A/S and publishes non-fiction for a general audience within a wide range of subjects.
The first publications will be launched in spring 2018.

Nucleus, Denmark

Nucleus, the publishing company for the association of Danish Biologists, publishes scientific literature and educational material within the field of biology.

The publishing company for the Danish Teachers' Association, Denmark

The publishing company for the Danish Teachers' Association publishes non-fiction and fiction for the subject of Danish for primary education, upper secondary education and teacher training.

The publishing company Columbus, Denmark

The publishing company Columbus publishes educational material about social science topics. The publications address themselves for the upper secondary education and adult education.

Nam, Faroe Island

Nám is a publishing house producing printed and digital educational materials. In addition to its publishing business, Nám is a centre for educational services offering IT-solutions, library services and courses in the Faroe Islands.

Iðnú, Iceland

Iðnmennt ses was founded in 1999 by the publishing house Iðnú and the association of Icelandic technical schools. Iðnú employs 8 people and is the largest publisher of educational material aimed at technical and vocational schools in Iceland. The house also publishes a large number of educational books aimed at further and higher education. Besides the publishing business Iðnú runs a book store selling educational materials published by Iðnú. 

Forlagið, Iceland

Forlagið is the largest publisher in Iceland with four imprints. One is "Mál og menning", which is the oldest publishing house in Iceland, founded in 1937. Forlagið publishes all types of literature, such as novels, technical literature, children's books, educational materials. The publishing house has around 35 employees, and publishes around 300-400 books a year. Some of the most well-known Icelandic writers publish at Forlagið. 

Naalakkersuisut - Ilinniartitaanermut, Kultureqarnermut, Ilisimatusarnermut Ilageeqarnermullu Naalakkersuisoqarfik (IKIIN, Greenland)

The Ministry of Education, Church, Culture and Equality in Greenland is responsible for the production of educational material aimed at primary and secondary education. The Ministry is responsible for the production and publication of material for secondary education. The publishing house Ilinniusiorfik is responsible for materials for primary education. 

Steno Diabetes Center, Denmark and Malaysia

Steno Diabetes Center is a world leading institution within diabetes treatment and prevention. Steno is owned by Novo Nordisk A/S and is a not for profit organisation working in partnership with the Danish healthcare system. From the 1st of January 2017, Steno Diabetes Center became part of the Capital Region of Denmark.

TUR Forlag, Denmark

TUR Forlag develops and publishes educational materials for educations within the transport business. They combine the latest technical knowledge with a didactic approach to produce tools for educational use such as books, assignments, board games, videos and interactive programs. 

TUR Forlaget is owned by a number of employers' associations and trade unions within the transportation industry. It represents the educational interests of the transport industry.

Think Tank Europa

Think Tank Europa is an independent, non-profit association with a charitable objective to promote and substantiate the debate on Europe in Denmark.

It was founded by the Central Organisation of Industrial Employees in Denmark (CO-industri) and the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI).

Spark Academy, United Kingdom

Spark Academy is an award-winning organisation and trusted tuition provider recommended by Schools, Parents and Pupils. Spark provides the perfect combination of exciting learning methods, exam training and confidence building.

Situated in Belgrave and in Oadby, Leicester, Spark Academy serves over 500 pupils weekly and are trusted partners of some prominent Leicester and Leicestershire schools.

Danmarks Basketball Forbund, Denmark

The Danish Basketball Union is a league of basketball unions in Denmark. It is a member of DIF (Sports Union of Denmark) and provides training courses for players, coaches and referees.

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