Systime Solutions is a section of the well-established publishing house Systime with deep roots in a digital approach to publishing.

Systime Solutions is part of a company with years of experience as front runner in the digital drive at the Danish educational market.

For more 35 years Systime has transformed educational content into state of the art reading and learning platforms: books, floppy disks, cd-roms, eBooks, web sites and in 2009 the internet-based book, the iBog®, which represented a new, proactive mindset to an otherwise generic approach to teaching materials, when it first appeared in 2009.

Since then Systime has been engaged in an on-going development of the iBog® to meet the users' demands for digital teaching material to improve and refine the learning process. Systime covers every subject area aimed particularly at the upper secondary level.

Today Systime is a significant educational publishing house, and when it comes to developing digital materials, Systime is by far the most advanced publishing house in Denmark extensively renowned for quality and innovative approaches to the world of education.

Systimes nye lokaler i Sonnesgade 11, Aarhus

Single source publishing

The breakthrough of the unique iBog® format has had an immense impact on the way books are perceived and produced in general and at Systime in particular. The iBog® is the result of Systime's unique single source publication set up (see below). Systime no longer performs traditional publishing but service publishing, because the focus is the need of the user/customer and the output is a process rather than a product.

With Systime's single source publishing (SinglePub) platform a publication is no longer a complete and finished product, but a dynamic and continuous process – a common platform for users and authors and the publishing house. Systime Solutions establishes and cultivates the dynamic cooperation between authors and users resulting in an on-going development and improvement of the publication in question. Learning and development are no longer an individual affaire.

A close partnership

Systime Publisher and Systime Solutions work closely together on a daily basis. We live side-by-side. Our organization is structured to provide room for the single source publishing activities in Systime (to thrive) and for Systime Solutions to develop and extend its activities and market share.

The publishing unit draws on the skills and experiences of the IT department and Systime Solutions draws on the skills and experiences of the publishing unit to obtain knowledge as to the digital needs and demands of learning materials.

Transparency and user-involvement – a mind set for Systime Publisher

Systime is not only associated with publishing. Systime is also recognized for its approach to transparency in every aspect of the production process.

The involvement of authors, editors and users on equal terms with the employees is a crucial factor in producing the best teaching material. Even at the early stages of production, users are involved in the development of the material through our blog universe, Systime Lab.

All communication between the authors, project managers and editors regarding the publications takes place on specially styled Google Sites that function as knowledge management platforms.

The co-creation approach to transparency, development and production allows for authors to write directly in the database. Authors are hereby permitted not only to produce textual content but also to generate interactive exercises, as well as media content, in cooperation with the project managers and the in-house media crew at Systime.

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