Meet the staff
Meet the staff
Sonnesgade 11, seen from the east side 
Sonnesgade 11, seen from the west side 

Why choose Single Source Publishing for your learning and communication business?

Single Source Publishing, SinglePub, provides a unique platform for developing engaging content for your users: students, teachers, employees, costumers and business partners.

Due to a lean and efficient production flow, SinglePub simplifies complicated procedures such as the updating, correcting and adding new content.

Individual services or the whole package

Systime Solutions offers a range of services, which can be applied to SinglePub separately or as a whole package. The solutions can be applied to your own system.

MyAccount – a license/user management solution

MyAccount is an interface for user- and license administration covering user activation and login.

Assessment tool – a tool for developing interactive quizzes, tests and exams

Quizzes are essential in a learning process for both student and teacher. Systime Solutions has developed a unique system to produce quizzes and tests.

ILO – a collection of interactive learning objects

So far we have developed a collection of more than 800 large and small learning objects and interactive game-like exercises and we keep adding. The collection comprises general learning objects such as calculators and a graph plotter as well as learning objects for specific subjects.

BookCreator – creating paper books from SinglePub

A setup which makes it possible to draw content from the single source to design pdf’s for printed books.

The SinglePub paper books contain exactly the same as conventionally produced paper books: footnotes, index, running headers, line numbers, full-page images - not to mention - high resolution pictures and figures such as diagrams, graphs, curves.

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