Engaging educational material is essential for student motivation and successful learning.

Interactive learning objects raise the quality of digital learning content and offer teachers and students new ways of exploring and training various subjects and curricula.

A collection of Interactive Learning Objects - ILO

Since 2008 we have developed more than 800 different digital and interactive learning objects to meet the increasing demands for new ways to improve and refine learning. So far the collection of interactive objects comprises of more than 800 general tools such as calculators, graph plotter and tools for specific subjects.

The objects have been produced in a W3C standardized future safe framework. Take a look at bank.systime.dk for an overview of the complete collection.

The world of interactivities offers new ways of learning

With our simulations, experiments and exercises we invite you to experience and explore the laws of math and physics.

Value proposition

  • A collection of more than 800 interactive learning objects with 2000 variations at your disposal
  • The collection comprises interactive learning objects for the subjects of maths, physics, astronomy and economics
  • The gamification of interactivity is very motivating for students and consequently, maximizes the learning output
  • Interactivity takes due account of different learning styles
  • Interactivity makes complicated subject matter more simple
  • The framework is W3C future safe
  • Applicable for all devices using the newest versions of Safari, Chrome, Edge (FKA Internet Explorer) and Firefox
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