Assessment tool is an important assessment solution to evaluate and improve students’ skills and learning output.

Testing, feedback and grading

Assessment tool can be used in different ways according to the context:

  • Assessment tool - an assessment tool: Can be embedded in every digital learning output such as internetBooks,  iLearning courses, digital training and refresher courses. Results are displayed in different ways and can later be analysed.
  • Assessment tool - an interactive quiz tool: Quizzes are popular applications among users partly due to the gamification features, partly due to the feedback opportunity, which is motivating for the students.

Assessment tool enables the users:

  • to share quizzes with students
  • to assess each student’s knowledge of a certain topic, subject or a full course
  • to direct more time on feedback and less on correcting written assignments 
  • to repeat lectured subject matter 
  • to give feedback and comments to the individual student and to the whole class
  • to vary activities in the learning process
  • to initiate team work, collaboration and discussions
  • to issue a certificate after passing a quiz or a course of study

Value proposition

  • Quizzes and other interactive objects are essential tools in the learning process for both student and teacher, as quizzes make it possible to assess, evaluate and test the students’ knowledge before, during and/or after a certain period of training or after the training of a certain subject.
  • The quiz results provide the teacher and the student with an overview of the students’ skills.
  • The quiz results can be used to motivate the students and to evaluate the output of the teaching.
  • The quiz results can also help the teacher to assess and plan proceeding steps in the learning process, e.g. where does the student/the class need more help to improve the learning process.
  • Certificate can be issued.
  • Assessment tool is a highly motivating learning activity for students providing valuable knowledge for teacher and student, before, during and after the learning process. As a result learning can be individualized and targeted.
  • Assessment tool is an important instrument to maximize the output of learning.
  • Assessment tool relieves the teacher from the time-consuming correction of exercises.