MyAccount constitutes Systime Solutions’ user management system and as such plays a central role in the publishing platform. It structures, organizes, categorizes and manages your digital content and administers your users and is directly connected to SinglePub.


A well-arranged interface provides an entrance to an overall view of and access to your digital data. It is a two-way system:

  1. offering content developers and content providers a comprehensive overview of each user and the content distributed to each user
  2. offering users a tool to survey, manage and organize their digital content supplied by you.

Manages your digital data

By applying MyAccount you will be able to facilitate the distribution and management of licenses to digital content, such as tests, assessments, internetBooks, assignments etc.

MyAccount supports e.g. Facebook and Google login so these systems can be used as a single-sign-on access. Currently, we facilitate integration with other login providers.

MyAccount is developed on the basis of Typo3. The intuitive backend structure makes it easy for you to support your users. 

Systime Solutions continues to develop MyAccount to suit new demands from partners and customers.

Value proposition

MyAccount ...

  • is a dynamic and structural tool designed especially to manage a large number of different users and their digital material.
  • is used by more than 500,000 persons in Denmark.
  • is currently developed and supported by Systime Solutions’ own in-house R&D software department.
  • is installed with digital privacy measures to prevent unauthorized access to the database.
  • respects any protection, security and privacy policy of the country.
  • is scalable to any special requirements from your national government.
  • is an adjustable and efficient system involving very little support. 
  • is a license manager: It’s easy for end-users to establish an account and to add license keys
  • is an organiser for teachers as well as students as they are able to keep an overall view of the materials to which the student is licensed
  • depends on validation – users are validated centrally by the license manager. This information is valuable with regard to targeted marketing
  • allows users to indicate areas of interests, which MyAccount can send to the marketing system. This is a valuable part of targeted marketing, too
  • is furnished with an LMS system, the course builder. This learning management tool enables the teacher or administrator to combine various digital learning elements from different internetBooks. The course builder turns the teacher into a learning designer, as it enables him or her to design tailor-made learning courses and to share them with a class or a group of students or colleagues. The following digital learning elements can be combined: 

    • Elements from internetBooks (pages, assignments, interactive quizzes, videos etc.)
    • Notes or instructions such as learning goals, course outlines, meta communication etc.
    • Books – refer to paragraphs and chapters from other books, articles or texts on the Net
    • Videos – insert video clips from e.g YouTube
    • Websites – link to websites and other online ressources
    • Assignments made by the teacher/administrator
    • Illustrations such as photos and models

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